Employer's Guide


 What are the approved countries for Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH) to work in Malaysia? 
 Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, and Laos.
 What are the eligibility conditions for working as a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)?
 The FDH should:-
  1. be a female
  2. be not less than 21 years old and not more than 45 years old
  3. confirmed fit by an appointed medical centre
  4. reside in the country of origin
  5. enter Malaysia via the Visa With Reference (VDR) issued by the Malaysian representative office in the country of origin

 If the FDH fails the medical examination,

  1. is not permitted to work
  2. the employer needs to obtain the Check Out memo from the Immigration Department of Malaysia and arrange for her immediate repatriation.
 What are the employer eligibility requirements to apply for a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)?
 The employer and his spouse should have:
  1. Children under 15 years of age OR
  2. Parents who are sick /ill OR

 The employer must earn an income, and each family is eligible to apply for one (1) FDH
 The employer qualifying wages according to the country of origin:

 Employers who have been declared bankrupt are not eligible to apply.
 In order to apply for second Foreign Domestic Helper, the employer must:

  1. have a valid reason
  2. have income under the conditions stipulated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia as below:

 Employers who are Muslims are allowed to hire only Muslim Foreign Domestic Helpers.
 Once the FDH arrives in this country, the employer should:

  1. ensure that the FDH undergoes a medical examination at any clinic appointed by Fomema Sdn. Bhd.
  2. obtain the PL (KS) sticker from the State Immigration Department which will be issued within 1 month from the date of arrival.
 How long is the employment contract of the Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)?
 The employment contract between the FDH and employer is 2 years.
 How long do I have to wait for a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) to come to Malaysia?
 It will take about 2 to 3 months depending on the sufficient documents from the Employer and the FHD and also subjected to the government rules and regulations of both countries from time to time.
 What are the duties and responsibilities of an employer towards the Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)?
  • Employer shall provide the FDH with reasonable accommodation, basic amenities and sufficient meals.
  • Employer shall not require the domestic helper to work in any activities other than that related to household duties.
  • Employer shall at all times respect and pay due regard to the sensitivity of religious beliefs of the foreign domestic helper.
  • Employer shall follow terms and conditions of foreign domestic helper employment contract signed with the immigration department of Malaysia.
  • Employer shall not abuse or ill-treat foreign domestic helper.
  • Employer shall bank in the FDH salary monthly.
  • Employer shall inform agency before sending foreign domestic helper to home country.
 What should I do if my Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) has problems?
 You should bring the FDH to the Agency or Embassy of the FDH's origin for free counselling and training services.
 What do I have to do if my Foreign Domestic Helper runaways from my house?
 You should inform the agency, then proceed with a police report and notify the Immigration department.
 Are employer allowed to apply second foreign domestic helper?
 Employer shall provide sufficient reason and minimum income RM72, 000.00 per annum; however it is subject to immigration department decision.
 Can employers from overseas apply for a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)?
 The Agency can supply FDH to employers (Permanent Residents or Expatriates) residing in Malaysia only.